I am Nismah Palavkar, an Indian who is born in Kenya, Mombasa and brought up in Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.
I am 20 years old and I’m starting this blog for the love of food. Food can be associated with many emotions. Many of us have a connection between food and emotions. It can be linked to happiness, sadness, celebration, love etc.
Food is not food if its not cooked with love and passion.” A recipe has no soul. You as a cook must bring soul to the recipe” This quote by Thomas Keller is what I truly believe in. Its you who can turn a recipe into a lip-smacking dish by being creative, adding great ideas to your dish, and ofcourse a dish cannot be enjoyable if it is not cooked with love. Love is the main ingredient of food. The aroma, colours, and plating of food triggers not only memories but happiness and a sense of satisfaction too.

My blog will contain –
1 – About the dish and its history
2 – My recipes
3 – Recipes from the internet that are simplified
4 – Food reviews
Basically anything and everything about food!

In this journey of starting my very own food blog, I am hoping to entertain you with my recipes and learn a lot along the way. I will always be open to suggestions and comments. Feel free to email me at pnismah@gmail.com if required.



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